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Computer Communications & Networks
In this section you will find information on the various networking and communications technologies in use today
A network consists of two or more computers that are joined together by a communication link.
The network link can be through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellite or infrared light beams.

The benefits of networks are:

  • Share printers, internet links, CD Roms or other expensive resources
  • Exchange files
  • Share programs
  • Users can be managed from a central point
  • users can exchange messages
  • Files can be backed up automatically by network administrators
  • Access to important or sensitive documents can be controlled centrally by passwords and encryption

The disadvantages of networks are:

  • Expensive to maintain: they require specialist staff
  • Expensive to install: cabling and equipment can be costly
  • Easier to hack as there are many different points of entry for a hacker to exploit
  • Viruses are easily spread across the network once security has been breached