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Developing IT Systems
ICT solutions underpin all aspects of our lives today so it is vital for the organisation running the system that it is successful.

However, developing and delivering a successful IT project into a large organisation is fraught with difficulties. Sometimes, this can lead to the project being cancelled and all the costs being written off and depending on the scale of the project, this can be many millions of pounds.

Check out this this news item about a BBC project to digitise their video archive

This is just one example of a high profile IT development failure in the public sector. Visibility of such projects is highlighted because the accounts are open to public scrutiny. This doesn't mean that private sector organisations don't have failures; they are able to hide them better from public scrutiny. Having said that, it is generally acknowledged that private sector companies are better delivering IT projects on time and budget.

Topics in this section will help you understand the techniques that contribute to successful delivery of new IT solutions.