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Diary Management Software (DMS)

Diary management software allows employees to schedule meetings and appointments whether they are based in the same office, location or work from home for example.
DMS allows them to co-ordinate their diraries so that everyone who needs to attend a meeting for example can do so and be sure that the event won't clash with another event.

By using a DMS businesses can ensure that all employees are able to communicate with each other and make sure that all tasks are completed, appointments/meetings do not clash and reminders are set make sure that meetings/appointments are not missed

  • Create appointments/meetings
    DMS will allow the creation and storage of a list of appointments and who will be attending.
    The DMS may also show how many clashes between appointments/meetings and may suggest alternative times.
  • Invite Participants
    When an appointments/meeting has been created the DMS will be able to invite by email, the people wh need to attend it.
  • Create Tasks/Projects
    DMS can provide a task list which could include who is to complete each tasks and the deadline for each task
    The priority of the tasks can also be set. It will also allow the deadline and priority of each task to be changed
    The tasks lists can be shared by many users and it can also control which users have access to the lists.
    Task lists can be set up for individuals, projects or anything that needs doing.
  • Create To-Do Lists
    These are very similar to Tasks/Projects but are usually small tasks tha need to be completes and could be used as reminders.
    Some DMS users may use the to To-Do List facility to create personal lists. For example, make an appointment to see the dentist attend a birthday party or go on holiday.
  • Set Reminders
    A DMS can automatically remind people of an appointment/meeting that they have to attend. Reminders can be set to activate at different times prior to the appointment/meeting. For example, a reminder can be sent to participants 1hour or 30mins before a scheduled event so that they don't forget Reminders can also be attached to tasks and people who need to complete the tasks.